What do you get if you upgrade to Pro or Elite?

The difference between the free and the Pro or Elite versions.

Once you have mastered the interface and how best to use a spinner, all article spinners stand or fall on several key features, the quality of their thesaurus, the ability to spin quality articles fast and the nature of their support.

If you want an article spinner with the greatest features, you would expect to pay an annual fee which seems to be the industry standard, but Spinner Chief has both Pro and Elite available for a one time fee, to get access to those killer features. These features are basically the ability to create and save projects, scrape content (text, images and video) and add it to articles, do keyword research and save keywords into your article, spin an article on autospin to produce a unique post that passes copyscape and then check each article for similarity. But most of all, the Pro version comes with the Cloud Thesaurus and the Elite version comes with that plus the Miracle Thesaurus.

If you want to produce human readable content for your website or to post on high profile article directories for backlinks, then you are going to want to churn out some quality to satisfy the almighty Google. The Cloud and Miracle thesauri can give you that quality. Play with the settings, watch the tutorial videos and see the difference.

You will also get a three day trial free of charge of any version. Not happy with it? Cancel the subscription. You will be happy with it.

If you want to blast your article to a lot of lower quality directories and stand a chance of getting them both approved by the website and indexed by Google, then you will need a way to do it without wasting precious time. You are going to want to be certain that the spun articles all have the lowest similarity possible and with Spinner Chief you can do that in the free version, but with the Elite version you also have the two incredible thesauri that produce proper readable articles…but you will have to do some judicious editing when spinning a large quantity just to be certain because if you don’t then some of your spun articles will be nonsense.

Making your article unique.

Lets be honest, any old Charlie can take an article from a directory, spin it with any article spinner and produce unique articles that pass copyscape. This is laughable because the chances are that if you ever read that article, it would make no sense at all. It would be crap, gobbledygook…spam. A million tons of rubbish being spewed into the web. It happens.

No wonder Google recently updated their algorhythms to give this type of content a huge thumbs down.

There has been a lot of talk about another spinner that has done well in the aftermath of the Google Panda update! But with that software you have to be always connected to the internet, and the thesaurus is only available when you are connected. I am not knocking it, that would be counter productive, I am merely suggesting that it is a weakness that Spinner Chief does not have. You have a great standard thesaurus for the free version and the Miracle thesaurus for the Elite version that sit on your hard-drive making them available all the time where-ever you are.

So, what do you get for your cash?

There are so many features, and most of them are listed clearly on the download page in my links. However, the reason to buy an upgrade is quite apparent once you have spent some time checking Spinner Chief out.

The Cloud Thesaurus.

Currently this thesaurus has over 1.4 million synonyms and is growing thanks to it’s users. It can be configured to use a phrase replace feature that generates a human readable unique article from virtually any scraped article. This requires an internet connection though. Be careful with autospin because there are so many synonyms and a lot of them will be irrelevant to your article so if you spin a large quantity of articles for an original you will get synonyms that won’t make sense. Better to spin smaller quantities and get great readable content to post on quality directories.

The Miracle Thesaurus.

This is an off-line database. Yes it is stored right on your hard drive and so is usable anywhere, anytime. With this thesaurus it is possible to autospin an article into another one that not only passes copyscape but looks like natural writing. But watch the tutorials, learn how to make it work for you. Again, spinning large amounts of articles is not really possible because there are not sufficient synonyms that are relevant and so making a small quantity of quality articles is really what you should be thinking.

I have the Elite version and I am extremely happy with it. The support on the forum is spot on and I think it is the best piece of kit in my seo armoury. Try the free version and get a feel for it.

Get Spinner Chief Here.

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